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We are EverBlossom.

We know the hospitality industry.

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Who we are

EverBlossom offers help, advice and guidance to hospitality businesses whose problems or challenges require a different perspective.

EverBlossom works in many varied areas of hospitality – from coffee shops, restaurants, bars and hotels. In a strong position to identify trends as and when they develop, and to help struggling enterprises to compete in a market that may well be reaching saturation point. There is a world of difference between loving the idea of a commercial enterprise and actually running it as a profitable operation. EB believe that in order to succeed, a business has to be engaging, challenging, fun and lucrative. It’s where you will spend most of your time, so you have to be enthusiastic about and dedicated to your products, brand and staff.

EverBlossom will dig deep to find out what’s going wrong, and then advise the management team on what can be done to address the issues. Whether your business is a start-up in need of guidance, a catering business looking to expand into new areas or a fourth-generation restaurant which has lost its way, EB can help you reach your full potential. Ultimately, we aim to address the challenges, which in turn allows you to work on your business more, and in your business less.


About Katie

Headed by Katie Ince, EverBlossom consultancy was established in 2020 to:

• Help, support & guide both new & well established SMEs

• Inspire, nurture & develop emerging talent

• Promote & improve the industry in any way possible

Starting out as a humble kitchen porter at the tender age of 13, Katie earned her stripes in the world of catering and hospitality by working for 20 years in a variety of hotels, pubs and restaurants across the UK.


In 2020, she realised she had enough entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, vision and all-round general sass to go it alone, so she took the plunge and created EverBlossom. She set up EverBlossom, putting her knowledge, skill and expertise to good use to help others in the industry. You can now benefit from Katie’s experience to help drive your business forward.

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What we do

Our hospitality consultancy services

We work with hospitality businesses to:

We provide hospitality specific training, development, mentoring & coaching to:

EverBlossom offers hospitality consultancy services tailored to you, your company, and your objectives.

Whether you’re setting up a new venture, you own an established business or you manage multi-site properties, the benefits of using a hospitality consultancy are enormous.


These range from increasing profitability, operational efficiency and staff retention to improving your standards, reputation and on-line reviews.

  • Support with business strategy

  • Provide start-up businesses with advice & guidance

  • Support business expansion

  • Offer mystery guest programmes

  • Guide you through compliance for eg allergens, licensing and health & safety

  • Consult on food & beverage – procurement, menus, margins, seasonality & provenance

  • Private clients

  • Individuals

  • Teams

  • Students


Tel: 07731626520

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